What is a PBN?

So, it seems like you don’t want to read all these 5000 words articles to learn the main point about PBN? Well, you are on the best place.

We are not going to spend time so lets go.

What’s a PBN and how to Set it up?

Welcome! In this post I am going to explain you step by step how you should start your Private Blog Network.

What is a PBN?

It is a private blog that you are running to promote your other website. After setting it up, you will create some content related to your other site and link out to that site. This process will promote your other sites and will tell search engines that you are linking out to something relevant about the subject.

How to make your first PBN?

You need the following to start your blog:

  • Expired domain
  • Hosting plan
  • Build content

Let’s see each of these points in depth.

Get an expired domain for a PBN:


Because these domains already has some stories on the internet.

Any advantages?

Of course there are. If you look for good domains, you will figure out that they:

  • Have different backlinks from other website (website that are linking to the domain)
  • Have higher domain authority, page authority, Citation flow and Trust flow.
  • Are older (which is important for a pbn).


The answer is simple: Just google expired domains or keep reading and see the steps you need to follow.

Here are some list of websites that I use personally to find my pbn domains:

  • Moonsy.com: have limitted listing but gives some good information about the domain. They directly give you

Find your domains here: moonsy.com