Create your first blog

Create first blog

Create first blog

How to Start a new blog

You like writing blogs, sharing your experience online or you want to create your eCommerce ?

You are on the right place. This post will provide you the best ways to start your blog.

Starting your first website or blog is a real adventure that needs some time and investment. But, on the other hand, creating your blog will allow you to target many person from around the world. Your blog post will allow you to share your experiences and any other subjects you would like to start sharing.

How to start a blog ?

Congratulations you are going to make your first step in the online world by starting your blog.

Finding a niche market

You would like to start your business but you don’t know on what market you should focus. Well, in this article you are going to see:

  • What you could do to start your blog
  • How to find a market or a subject for the blog post

Should I find a niche market for my first business?

The only one answer to this question is: Make what others are already doing. Don’t bother your self-finding the best niche market for your business because you will lose so much valuable time.

If you are just starting, get into the business, discover the online world, find who your competitors are, find all the basics by getting involved and you will see that this will help you progress. Also, don’t fear about having competitors because

Why? Why should I start online business without finding the best niche?

The answer is simple, because you have no idea about how this business works yet. So, to make it clear, answer to these questions:

  • Did you learn bicycle by reading books?
  • Did you learn how to swim by watching tutorials?
  • OR, did you went out there and practice?

I guess everyone answered: “By practicing”. All these books and tutorials are just meant to help you while practicing.

What you should do:

Now, you know you need practice to start your online business and start writing blogs. But, there is one last thing you need. We talked about learning by making practice. So, you need to know one thing. How you should do it? This is where tutorials will be your friend. For example, if you have never seen a car before, how would you know how to turn the engine on and make the car move? Well, the answer will be available on books and tutorials (Or user guides). Nevertheless, all these guides will tell you: “you need to release the clutch and accelerate to make the car move …” but if you’ve never tried it, you will never know what it’s really about (Hopefully that makes sense).

So, guess what, it is exactly the same thing for online business, online marketing, email marketing, e-commerce and any other things you can think of.

OK, and what now?

Now, you are pumped up and want to start your online business right away? Ok fine. What you need to do is just searching: “set up my first website”. You will find so many information on YouTube or Google. Also, you can see our flash tutorials if you want to see how to setup your website. Notice that our flash tutorials are only 5 minutes long maximum. During this tutorial you will see:

  • How to register a domain Name for your blog
  • Where to host your first blog website
  • Configure the website
  • Get the website on google